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Decade 1920s

It was the 1920s and thanks to Henry Ford and mass production, one could buy a car for $290. This was a period of prohibition and intolerance, speakeasies, flappers, gangsters, and crime. This brought about much of the flavor of the Jazz Age or Roaring Twenties as we know them. The 19th Amendment had passed the previous year allowing women the right to vote in national elections. Technology grew - the country shrunk - as popularity of automobiles, radios, and movies exploded. Mass production allowed your average, middle class family to easily be able to afford these items. In the fall of 1929, the New York Stock Exchange was more active than it had ever been. By October 24, 1929, Black Thursday, the stock market crashed and panic broke out.

At Retro Wonders we realize that good, retro designs come from a unique era. Our 1920s reproduction products are replicas of the classic products from the decade. There is something special in a 1920s telephone. Popular 1920s phone reproductions are the candlestick phone, the country kitchen wall phone, and Crosley phones. For those looking for music boxes, there are the munchen music box, the dancing music box, and the Crosley music box. Wooden music boxes were popular. We also offer 1920s style turntable stands, made to finish the look of any turntable and display it for all to see. Our 1920s style products are made for modern uses with a vintage style.

Click here to view all of our retro 1920s reproduction products. While you’re browsing, check out our other retro reproduction products including telephones, record players, Crosley turntables, clocks, Crosley cd recorders, Crosley cd players, retro turntables and other great products.

Crosley CR92 Country Kitchen Phone Crosley CR92 Country Kitchen Phone

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